In 1999, I played EverQuest, but in 2003 I had to stop because it became too hardcore for the amount of time I could invest. A dozen other MMORPGs were released, all created in EverQuest’s image, including World of Warcraft and other big names. But nothing had that EverQuest feel to it, not even EverQuest II, which feels like a completely different game.

It’s 2012 as I’m writing this, and EverQuest’s true spiritual successor beckons: Vanguard, Saga of Heroes. This game went through a lot of drama and problems, a very bad launch back in 2007, many, many bugs and a quickly dwindling playerbase. But some of the Verant team is on board creating this game, and I think some of the biggest fans of this type of MMORPG still work at Sony Online Entertainment today. With the game going free to play, the development team has grown again,  a lot of old bugs are being fixed and new areas and dungeons are opening up.

This is the perfect time for me to try it, five years late, and let you know how I’m doing.

Guest submissions

Are you a fellow newbie and do you want to share your experiences? Send your guest submissions my way at psy-q@psy-q.ch. If you become a regular contributor, you will of course get your own blog account.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great site and fun reading about your adventures.

    You wrote, “See that tombstone? Another bugbear of those who started playing MMOs after EverQuest: When you die, all your non-soulbound and non-equipped belongings end up on that tombstone. I think if you get rezzed, you get them back immediately, but if not, you have to go back and pick them up.”

    I wanted to bring up that you can also summon your tombstone to you at the altar — you do NOT have to do a CR. You do lose more exp if you summon as opposed to CR, but oftentimes it’s worth it.

    I don’t think we do a good job letting players know about stuff like this — we’ve been discussing how better to let people know about Vanguard specific game mechanics like player death.


  2. Merry Christmas!! Great blog I enjoyed it alot. Yay brad your alive and kicking. I love your vison, just wish I had the money to let you paint your masterpiece. Happy new year to all!

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