A postcard from Skawlra Rock

Here’s some pictures from yesterday’s attempt at Skawlra. Nothing terribly exciting, but it shows an area of these islands that looks quite different to the rest, so that’s fun.



I forgot to take pictures of underneath the rock. But as a bonus, here’s my bard alt Laniah, looking at a windmill at night:


Vanguard might not be up to some other games in terms of raw graphics, but it does have some pretty scenery if you have the eyes to see it.


Skawlra Rock was fun but not successful

We were only two people, plus one pet and at maximum two minions. So we couldn’t really deal with the inside of Skawlra Rock yesterday, we were only level 21. But we did scout out the place and we did destroy everything on the surface of the rock.

Next time: Going inside.

Regular playtime

Skawlra Rock is way too tough to go it alone! And even the Skrilien Point quests involving Cyclopses and whatnot, this stuff is hard. I’d be lying if I said that I’m still as motivated as in the beginning, and I think the reason is that I’m much older now and have a lot less time than when I played EverQuest back in the 90s. So I can only tolerate so many restarts, and only so much organizational overhead to get gaming.

So the idea now is to keep regularly scheduling three options for the next few months:

  1. Tomb of Lord Tsang, or
  2. Skrilien Point, or
  3. Skawlra Rock

This will be happening on the last Wednesday of every month, starting 20:00 CET. I’ll be waiting near Skrilien Point. If no one shows up, I’ll just switch to some other game. Of course I’ll try to organize level 20ish groups with the guild as well, to increase the chances.

Let’s see how that goes!