Never been so happy to be dead

Woohoo, I got my feign death (thanks to Breizou, who basically breezed me through the quest and is very sad in this picture):


Awesome. I think it’s also nice that one of these main skills for a necro comes from a quest. Yes, you might say it’s old-school, and that a character should be able to buy or train all their skills on their own. But remember Guild Wars? There, you had some elite skills out in the field that required human help to get. And you had to trudge to areas of the map that you would never ordinarily visit. The reward was an elite skill, something that you’d be able to use again and again and that would help you make your character more unique.

Doing this feign death quest felt somewhat the same. Of course I don’t have any illusions of individuality: Surely every necro in the game has this skill. But it cheers me up nevertheless.

Afterwards, I tried doing some level 20ish quests involving Skawlra Rock:


That place is way out there. You have to fly, swim or float over water for quite some time to reach this place, which is nice and gives it a slightly mystical aura. Too bad that once you get there, it’s full of lizard people that smash the brains out of your skull. I’ll have to return here with a group!