Not doing much around Qa Riverbank again

When I did the last few Hunter’s League quests, I had to go back to Neamsog Bunker near Qa Riverbank, and then follow the Qaliathari quest lines for people around level 20. I didn’t really want to do that, I planned to stay around Kojan, but oh well.

So today, I didn’t do much, just finished a quest around the quest hub there:


Ho hum. Not really much going on at the moment!


Raiding the Tomb of Lord Tsang

Remember that adventure in Jin’Ka Forest? That was a quest line that led up to the ability to raid Tomb of Lord Tsang, a level 18 – 22 (I’d say) dungeon.

We assembled a a very tidy group and went inside:


Flop, and that’s what it looks like on the inside:


We wiped somewhere around here, the first time around. Something or someone had mezzed our tank.


On the second try, we moved past that and into the rooms beyond. There are several quest lines leading to named mobs and quest givers like this:


Mysterious hallways like this:


Rooms with shafts and pools of light:


And here’s an upgrade for my staff, from a random named:



And this last guy was in a purple room, I think dropping a purple gem or medallion:


Yeah, it doesn’t look like much in my screenshots, but the reason they didn’t turn out any better is that I was too busy to take them! Wow. From the first minute I set foot in that dungeon with my group, it felt like EverQuest again. So much so that when we were about to be wiped, I had the caster reflex of just standing still and waiting to get killed, not running back so as not to pull any respawns by mistake. It turns out that in Vanguard, that wouldn’t be necessary. I could try to flee (the repops aren’t so fast in that dungeon), hide somewhere and then go back and rez my friends with a rez orb.

Had I only known. But now I do.

The whole experience was really exciting and the game totally captures the vibe of 1999. Congratulations!