A long way home

As I’m finishing up quests from my quest log, I noticed some level 12 quests involving the Ksavari near Qa Riverbank/Neamsog Bunker. You might remember that from my earlier exploits.

I’ve been spending a good amount of time on one of Kojan’s largest islands, and meanwhile I think I’m used to the way things look there and how the quest areas are laid out. It still doesn’t feel like home, though, even though my character is Kojani. I blame the Isle of Dawn for this, the newbie area you can choose to go through.

With my halfling alt, I skipped the Isle of Dawn and noticed how much flavor and identity the racial starting zones add. If there’s one recommendation I can give, it’s to skip Isle of Dawn if you have any experience with MMOs of this kind (EverQuest, EverQuest II, Lord of the Rings Online, any of the PvE-focused holy-trinity games). You will miss some crafting tutorials that you could have had on Isle of Dawn, but if atmosphere, backstory and setting mean anything to you, the racial starting zones are much more satisfying.

Otherwise you’ll end up like me, having a Kojani to whom this Qalian (or is that Qaliathari?) desert/river/bunker setup feels like home:


Ah, I’m finally back.

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