Getting my ass whooped by a level 12 boss

After nearly hitting level 20 recently, I thought I’d head back to this GAtaro island to finish some quests I picked up at level 14. I don’t know, I just like to have a clean quest log from time to time. Here’s where I went:


These Gataro seem to live on an island with their own little tower and cave system. How they carved that out of the stone with those little arms, who knows. Anyhow, there seem to be no Gataro inside, only around the island. Including this level 12 or 13 Gataro Hero called Andruzius:


He killed me that time, with a DoT that does some 200+ damage per tick (I think), and since I only have about 900 health, that kills me quickly. I was pissed and went to the other side of the island to practice my katas:


And then this happened:


Stupid fishface.


Also, I dinged 20 and can now use the blue rift stations that lead to tougher areas. Awesome! But since I’m still not done with Tomb of Lord Tsang yet, that won’t be happening for some more levels.


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