Finalizing some Ulvari quests, and altoholism

I thought I’d be done with the Ulvari quests, but then they sent me on this:


And after that, some more, at yet another crystal and yet another floaty thing. I get the idea: The Ulvari are breaking through from some other dimension or whatever, and it would be good if some “brave adventurers” went and killed a lot of them. But this is all I’ve been doing for the last three days of playing Vanguard, and so I hope it’s understandable that I’m not too thrilled to go on yet more of these quests.

So for a change of pace, I started a bard!

Look at the beautiful halfling bard starting area:


Awesome, no? From there, my new little bard had to go to the local academy to pick up some starter quests:


And off I went to kill things in a graveyard:


I can’t say anything about the bard class yet, only level 3, but it seems SOE/Sigil did manage to create unique mechanics for the bard. You see, you have to compose the songs, they consist of several elements that dictate how much energy/mana/whatever the song uses, how effective it is and what effects it has in the first place. You can name your songs yourself and store combinations in a songbook. Lovely!

I’m looking forward to switching to Laniah the halfling bard when I get bored of Ockene.


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