Going gold

Good news, everyone! Well, good, but not that exciting. Also, mostly good for me. But I just wanted to mention that I’ve signed up for a Vanguard gold membership for three months. And this image of a weird busty woman with cobra headdress and exposed bellybutton did nothing to convince me:


Ugh. It’s a horribe Firiona Vie-scented nightmare. Probably someone at the meeting said,  “this model communicates well with our customers’ penises,” and so they drew a picture of her. SOE marketing wasn’t what won me over, but something else did:

  • Unlimited number of open quests (in addition to the 50 ones they give you for free now).
  • 50% exp bonus all the time, on all characters, stacking with other exp boosts.
  • Reductions on marketplace fees, mount rental fees and more.
  • 12 character slots for my altoholism.
  • 500 Station Cash for free each month.

This is very nice! Some people in my guilds’ forums commented that this signals the death of Vanguard because they’re grasping at straws with such a generous offer, but I hope these people are wrong and a steady increase in paid accounts makes the game flourish.

Anyhow. Full disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with SOE and I get absolutely nothing from anyone for any of what I write here, and my gold membership is paid by me.

Just to explain why future screenshots won’t include the gold membership advertisement anymore.


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