Rethinking that necromancer

When I started playing Vanguard (F2P), the necromancer was one of the more interesting classes for me, even though I always loved the Shadow Knight from EverQuest much more than a pure pet caster. Vanguard has such a class too, the Dread Knight. I would have loved creating one of those, but it used to cost money to unlock that class.

Things are changing quickly in Vanguard’s F2P model, and last week SOE announced that all classes would become free for all players. This is a fantastic decision. Not only does it give free players a much more complete game, it also means that SOE has to think of new incentives to become a gold member. So far, they added nice things like a constant 50% exp bonus and several discounts on in-game transactions.  This is lovely. So far I thought LotrO and Dungeons and Dragons Online had the best of all the F2P models, but I think Vanguard’s is even better. It allows you to get a full picture of the entire game, with all classes and all races, and spending money for a gold account gets you additional bonuses you actually care about.

Now I don’t know what to do. I’d love to have a Dread Knight instead of a necromancer, but I already got some insight into how necros work and I’m enjoying this class much more than I thought I might. Should I reroll as a Dread Knight? Perhaps yes, perhaps I will. I’ll do some soul searching and you’ll be the first to know what I decided.


3 thoughts on “Rethinking that necromancer

  1. Feel free to hit up any of my characters if you do re-roll, or just make a DK alt. Perhaps I could interest you in “hardcoring it” by heading to true racial starting areas, I’d even make an alt to level with you if you like.

    • Thanks! I do want to go to the racial starting area. Isle of Dawn is nice, but it meant that my Kojani necro saw Kojan for the first time when she hit level 15! That doesn’t create much racial identity 😦

  2. True, I felt more of an Orc when I rerolled and headed to Martok. Just be aware, as per my most recent post, that you’ll need to go burn through some grey quests in one of the Combined Continental Starting Areas at some point to get that Bracelet of Lucky Charms. Also, I may have glossed over this a tad in my own blog(*cough*), but it takes a little bit of cash mailed to your new character and… 10 to 20 minutes of travel in order to reach your races starting area. Also, the gnome racial starter area is apparently not in game anymore(and, despite a week of inquiries, I still can’t find out why and when it was removed – whether it was for game storyline or a bug exploit or what have you).

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