Pest control near Tomb of Lord Tsang

I’ve settled into this new quest area now, and I decided to go slow. First, I’m taking out some local pests such as tigers, big emu-like land-dwelling birds, boars, varanas — the selection is quite varied and you don’t have to walk far from the local quest hub to get killing.

Here’s my pet killing some stuff:


The area looks reasonably nice in my opinion, quite angry greens are replaced by dark purplish and blue hues at night, and there are pretty ships in the harbor to watch.

Here’s me right after dinging, finally able to use my new level 15 grafts on my pet:


Grafts are a very nice idea. They allow you to equip your pet, and depending on the graft, the pet receives new abilities or changes its statistics. I haven’t seen this in any other game except Guild Wars 2 yet, and in Vanguard it’s integrated more convincingly. To get these parts, I have to perform necropsy on corpses of my enemies, and very rarely I can graft something from the enemy onto my pet that way. Makes sense to me!

Another new spell at level 15 allows me to reanimate corpses to fight on my side, leading to all manner of hilarity. Fight tiger with tiger:


This also shortens solo fights considerably to perhaps 15 seconds or so, down from 30 seconds or so with only my pet. I’m really starting to like the necro, I can go on nonstop killing rampages like this.

Another thing I noticed is that there seem to be permanent flying mounts now offered in the in-game store:


They are for level 40+, but still! Flying mounts! In Vanguard, a game where you can reach 99% of all the landmarks you spot in the distance, having a permanent flying mount is one hell of a good offer. And they’re not too perversely expensive, either.

I’m looking forward to dinging 40 on this character, and I already have a Dread Knight queued up for some time later.

After having spent two hours in Guild Wars 2 and being incredibly bored, I’m going back to Vanguard with new vigor. The game seems more interesting and more relaxing at the same time, and those are two qualities I look for in an MMO.

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