From coast to coast on Kojan’s northernmost island

While I’m on Kojan, I might as well explore the continent a bit. Actually, the continent is more like an archipelago, with this being the northernmost island:


Pretty grim, eh? But it gets grimmer:


Here’s a very tall mob that nevertheless seems to be no problem for a level 14 necro:


That’s nice, it gives the game a less newbie-ish feel at this level. I discovered  a camp with some dudes, and killed them:


Looking forward to using those level 15 grafts when I ding:


This is another camp, but much bigger, with its own gate:


Nearby there’s this dude. There seems to be a pretty unfair bit of programming here. If you pull or fear kite one of those sentinels too far from their location, they will simply reset to their spawn point at full health, without warning. This is pretty jarring and if I weren’t used to much worse from games like EverQuest, I don’t think I’d understand why this is necessary:


I got scared and didn’t go in there, but I noticed that I’m close to the coast, so I decided to take the last few steps necessary to get there. On the way I turned around and noticed that the camp I was nearby earlier has these huge smoking towers. I’ll have to explore them later:


Almost to the coast, just a cemetery in my way. Foreboding skies, grey waters, a cemetery — what could possibly go wrong?


It turns out, nothing. I walked on those graves and no skeletal hands grabbed any of my ankles at all. Boring!


There I am, all the way to the coast and looking back. In my last post I criticized Vanguard’s graphics, but I hope I restored their honor a bit with these images. Kojan’s northernmost island looks rough, is full of fiery and dusty wildlife, smoke and grey skies. The atmosphere is thick, you can almost smell the place. Even if I might not enjoy the graphics as much as in other games, the Vanguard people get the atmosphere right almost every time, and I’m enjoying the look of this area much more than the one in those Chinese-style gardens.

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