Quick dip into someone’s garden

After not soloing for very long near Three Rivers, I got bored. Happily, some guildies put together a group to attack some garden on Kojan — a new continent!

Here’s the tough little group we had:


Awesome, no? We went into that garden, which was guarded by foxes and ambulatory clay figures:


And later on this happened:


Some things to note: The game is getting more routine now, I get to group more, and I’m getting a decent feel for aggro and how to handle my role in a group. I’d say that’s good, because grouping is what I’m here for. But then again, this outdoor zone is a bit… bland.

The Asian-style architecture used in Vanguard was never very convincing for me, and in this garden, it’s not very pleasant either. See those stone walls and their brick red texture? That doesn’t look like it would actually fit there. Perhaps if they had normal mapping in those ridges?

It’s not like graphics are a major concern for me. In EverQuest II, I always though the game looks like it’s thrown together by two different art teams who work three continents apart and are allowed to communicate only through Morse code. Character models, vegetation and landscapes would always somehow clash with each other.

In Vanguard, I don’t get this feeling of disconnection and the look seems to be consistent. But sometimes, when I see textures like on those walls, it feels like I’m looking at some piece of clip art copy/pasted into the game.

This is a shame, because I’m sure the SOE artists know what they’re doing. It just doesn’t seem to show up in the end product as nicely as it could.

But that’s my only rant for today. The mechanics are still working well. I thoroughly enjoyed grouping even though we did nothing spectacular that evening, and I’m looking forward to going back so I can finish the quests and get the (very awesome!) group rewards.


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