Loads and loads of dead rat people

After the recent mini-raid on one of the Ksaravi’s mini-cities, I was bold enough to organize another lowbie group for people around level 10. Again, I wanted to kill rat people.

Tanna and Jonvale logged on and we made our way to one of the big holes where rats live. This was mostly like last time:



After fighting our way back down and then back up again, we grew a little bored. In this group constellation, the little rat towns aren’t much of a challenge, so we headed out again. Well, also because Tanna had to leave. We ran back towards Neamsog Bunker and killed some lions along the way:



But Jonvale and I couldn’t resist and so we went back into the main rat city of the area. We pulled things left and right, often ending up with unexpected adds, but with a lot of fearing and snaring we survived:



Phew! It was tiring, but also quite interesting and I learned a lot about group dynamics, even though we had a less than ideal group setup. Also, adds.


3 thoughts on “Loads and loads of dead rat people

  1. Great blog…keep it up.
    Vanguard shines in group dungeon crawling. I would suggest doing Azebaj around this level in QA riverbank..or Khegor end in Thestra

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