A serene night on the beach

That’s Qa Riverbank at night, near Neamsog Bunker. Now if only Mister Jenpik had moved out of the picture earlier…  Vanguard can look pretty atmospheric and nice, but the male character models ruin the immersion for me sometimes. Cardboard people with 70s hair. It clashes angrily with the usually pretty landscapes.

Here’s something better, because it doesn’t have any males in it:

The day/night cycle, the dynamic cloud layer and the subtle sound effects really give this game a dense atmosphere that the screenshots can’t carry.

2 thoughts on “A serene night on the beach

  1. Everybody hates avatars in this game, to me they are great 🙂
    I like graphics in general, so much ahead of its time.
    Weather dynamics, music, scenery…breathtaking.
    Anyway, great blog, keep up the good work 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 I noticed now that NPCs usually look much worse than player characters, so I’ve somewhat made my peace with the graphics.

      It’s more about gameplay and atmosphere for me in an MMO, and they nailed that.

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