Missives: Repeatable quests

The area around Neamsog Bunker (which seems to be one of the areas to go to after you finish Newbie Isle) has many normal quests and long, epic quest lines. But if you get bored of those, you can also do these repeatable quests, which Vanguard seems to call Missives:

They are all of the kill/fetch variety, so nothing exciting here. But I’ll try to get five of those done to get the middle-tier reward, just to know if this sort of stuff is worth doing.

Also, you can take a few missives when you go hunting, just in case you might hunt a few of the beasts the missive is asking for. Free rewards, can’t beat that! The only problem you might run into as a free player is the quest limit, which is 15, and if you’re on a few longer quests you might quickly fill that up.


3 thoughts on “Missives: Repeatable quests

    • Good to know! Then I’ll just finish the current batch and be done with them. F2P players can only take on 15 quests, so the missives spam the quest list quite a bit.

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