Gah! I fell off Newbie Island!

I swore that I would not leave Newbie Island until I manage to get through the final dungeon there, but look where I am now!

A completely different place. I’m now on Qalia, near Qa Riverbank. This place seems vaguely Mayan or Egyptian-styled, and there are a lot of palm trees and annoying insects. But I lost my chance to do that final dungeon now.

This whole mishap only occurred because of that silly Rift Master. I thought that, since he’s offering me four different locations to teleport to now, he might also let me come back to Isle of Dawn. Not so. You can never return.

Anyhow, this is a first postcard to you from my new address. I think I’ll find more than enough to do around this area.

2 thoughts on “Gah! I fell off Newbie Island!

  1. I see you learned how to take off the ui with f10, you can also turn off names with N. I’m a fairly new player, but i suppose with 400 some odd hours into the game, i suppose not really. Its interesting reading about this game from a brand new players point of views, and it is a shame you didn’t finish that dungeon, it gets you 2 titles out of it. But the beauty of this game is that you can always make an alt to go experience it.

    Qa is a good place to get to level 10/11 and the quest rewards from the dungeon could see you into your low 20’s but i personally think 3 rivers and wildgrowth forest is more interesting lorewise.

    • Oh, thanks for the hints! The next area will be one of those, then. I am very curious what they’ll look like, I’m deliberately not using wikis or screenshots or quest lists, so everything should feel super-fresh.

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