Harvesting like a proper harvester

Want to know a secret? Harvesting is buggy in Vanguard. But before I tell you how to get around the bug, here’s some pictures of glorious hard manual labor:

Afterwards, this happens:

Not bad for a tiny little Chinese lady, eh? The trees drop with a satisfying thump and make all the right movements, too, so at least it feels like you did something. Also, while banging away at mineral sources with a hammer, your character will make noises like a badger having very angry sex:

What else is fascinating about harvesting? Nothing, probably. Now I have hundreds of boards of weak timber and no clue what to do with them. I’m just doing all this to raise my skill so I can help the guild during group harvest events, which I hear increases your chance of finding good materials.

By the way, the secret is /endharvest. If you get “this resource cannot be harvested at this time” or something like that, you hit a bug where the previous harvest didn’t end properly. Do /endharvest (or macro it to a hotkey) and you can continue immediately.

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