Defeat at the hands of Isa Lao, the Skull Lord

In the words of my groupmate: “Damn, that bitch hits hard”. Here’s a picture from happier times:

This was after a good 20 minutes of fighting our way into the newbie island’s final dungeon: the Temple of the Ancients. This dungeon is only reachable by pegasus (whee!) and the guy next to the pegasus rental spot actually asks you if you want to do it. I believe the other option would let me finally get off the island.

But I chose this fate, and first marched into the dungeon all on my own, even though it was marked “small group”. Up to here, that works well:

But one corner later I died, then I died, I died and then I died some more. It was pure luck that this guy came along. Group picture with pet!

Of course the pet’s sticking its arse into the camera. Sorry, Drayvexx, that we had to die down there. Better luck next time. I refuse to leave the island unless I can make it through that place.

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