Equipment options, clothing choices and instant preview

I had a picture somewhere that shows my character’s rack from below, which looks really grotesque. Ah, there it is:

This happened while I wanted to find out whether that’s supposed to be skin around the tummy area or whether the renderer’s simply blanking out the front of that robe. It turns out it’s actually supposed to look like that. Creepy. Remember my old robe? Check out those robe-stretching effects!

This reminds me of EverQuest, where the robes were also made of cardboard, only ten years earlier. Anyhow, the new one, while leaving my character’s tan little tummy out for the world to disembowel, looks a lot better.

While shopping for robe upgrades I noticed that Vanguard’s preview feature is pretty nifty. Just hover your mouse over any item while looking at your character, and the char immediately shows the new look:

That’s streamlined and nice. And the game also has its own inventory for appearance-only items, so in theory I could put my old smelly robe in there and perhaps save my character from pneumonia.


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