Random happenings on Newbie Island

The newbie island seems to be populated by Chinese-looking people, or at least Asians. It’s full of Fu Manchu mustaches, and in the second village you travel to, the various trainers are inside a dojo. Also, all the NPCs have vaguely Chinese accents. I don’t know if this is sort of cute or a cheesy abuse of a racial stereotype.  There’s also this girl:

She’s not naked, but when I first saw her from afar, I thought that A, she is a guy, and B, he’s dressed in some sort of Sumo wrestler diapers. Instead, it turns out the leather she’s wearing looks exactly like human skin from afar. Also, she wants you to zap her escaped chickens with a rod that makes them come home.

What can I say? It’s not a fetch or kill quest, so I guess that makes it good. The chickens don’t show up on your compass or map, by the way, this isn’t some sissy follow-the-arrow type quest.

After that, we had fun negotiating with and then killing the Aspect of Zalaz. The negotiations didn’t go so well, that’s what led to the killing part:

This was quite entertaining, as you first have to find some rock-based creatures trampling the local crops. Then you figure out they’re followers of this large rock dervish person and by zapping some of them with a magic ring, you enrage it enough to appear on this very wheat field like he has nothing better to do.

After that, it was on to the next village, where I danced on a roof:

I’m still dancing there. Gotta relax, the guys in this village also have hobgoblins attacking them. Guess who needs to sort that out?


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